black-backed Pilatch deck package

Pilatch is a deck of cards with interactive suits.

Intuitive rules make Pilatch games easily learned, and mega fun.

Check out these games with demonstrations: a kids' game, a casual game, and a betting game.

Or see some Pilatch cards.

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Praise for Pilatch

“After playing Pilatch, other card games seem one-dimensional.” Sarah L, Bridgewater NJ
“A very natural and clever approach to a deck of cards” Jason T,
“The best update to playing cards in hundreds of years” Andrey G, Fort Lee NJ
“Your card design is stunning! The idea, the execution...” Reddit user NorthernRealmJackal


Newest Stuff

Rags 'n Riches

An article about breaking old rules, and a promotion five years overdue

a silly bear who thinks he's the king of Scissors

Graphic Design Contest

Suit icons by the_adam

Upon realizing I had a serious game on my hands, I started thinking about artwork. I talked to a draftsperson I know well. My mom.

Elevating Uno

scissors suit icon as presented by colorblindness test dots

Pilatch needed a game that could demonstrate its educational potential. It had to be simple, accessible, yet exciting, and trick the player into learning arithmetic. How delightfully evil!


Torment your opponents while hatching plans of your own. Runway is a versatile game offering deep strategy, and has been compared to Gin Rummy, 500 Rummy, Shanghai, and even Magic: the Gathering.


Easy to learn. Short games. Have fun taking your opponents' cards. Suits matter most in this game, but rank can be a deciding factor too. It also helps to be good at Roshambo!

Tournament Pilatch

Keeps players enthralled while sweeping your tournament to its conclusion.