Pilatch Card Games

One-Eyed Draw

This is a 7-card draw game where you can raise the stakes to control the flow of information.

In some hands you might only get a peek. Does this hand hide a flush?
In other hands your brain swirls with information. This hand can't have Rags 'n Riches, because we see the pair of Queens. But it could have a two pairs, or a straight, or maybe even triples!
2 to 6 players can play per deck.
Deck Build

42 cards. Ranks 1-10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace in each of the three suits. No wild cards.

The Eye

Place a Binary card in the center of the play area. Call this the "Eye." The Eye will determine how the last 4 of the 7 cards in each player's hand are dealt.

When the Eye is UP, it's considered open, which means that every player sees the card being dealt. So deal it face-up.

When the Eye is DOWN, it's considered closed, meaning that card is dealt face-down. Only the player that card's being dealt to may look at that card.

Beginning a Hand

Whoever posted the biggest blind, or straddle, chooses whether the Eye is open or closed.

Shuffle the deck. Deal each player 4-cards as follows: 2 cards face-down (which only that player may look at), 1 card face-up, and finally 1 card face-up if the Eye is open; face-down instead if the Eye is closed.

Have a round of betting


Whenever a player raises the stakes, she may flip the Eye card in the center of the play area. Although that's the only Binary card being used, see the rules on Binary Betting for more information about how Binary cards are allowed to be flipped in betting games.

3 Following Rounds

In each round 1 more card is dealt to each player. The Eye determines whether that card is dealt face-up for all players to see, or face-down for only the player holding it to look at.

There is a round of betting after each player has received an additional card.


Once each player still in the hand has 7 cards, and the final round of betting has resolved, the best 4-card hand wins. When a player reveals which 4 cards she will use, she must reveal all 7 cards in her hand at that time.

Optional Rules

  • Ante

    When playing with ante instead of blinds, the Eye card is placed randomly at the beginning of the first hand. For every hand that follows, whatever position the Eye was in for the previous hand, let it remain that way until a player raises the stakes.

Hands, Best to Worst:
Hand Name Description Chance*
Straight Flush A Straight, in only one suit 1.04%
Triples 3 of the same rank, and one other card 4.26%
Rags 'n Riches Cannot form any other hand type 9.28%
Straight 4 adjacent ranks (Ace can be above King or under 1) 16.8%
Two Pairs A Pair, and another Pair 20.5%
Flush 4 of the same suit 45.8%
Pair 2 of the same rank, and 2 others 72.2%

* simulated raw stats