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Easy to learn. Short games. Have fun taking your opponents' cards. Suits matter most in this game, but rank can be a deciding factor too. It also helps to be good at Roshambo!

Nine of Paper King of Paper Five of Scissors

The Five of Scissors is the winning card of these three.

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2 or 3
Deck Build
45 Cards: all 14 ranks in each of the 3 suits, and all 3 Jokers
Shuffle the deck. Deal each player an about-equal stack of the deck. Do not look at the cards.
To take as many cards as possible. When an opponent runs out of cards, the player with the most cards wins!

Each player flips the top card of her stack at the same time. The winner of the flip takes these cards, and adds them to the bottom of her stack.

  • With 2 different suits, the superior suit wins, regardless of rank.
  • With cards of the same suit, the highest ranked wins.
  • If a joker appears, or if you have 3 players and each throws a different suit, play Roshambo (rock-paper-scissors) via hand signs. The winner takes the top 3 cards of each opponent's stack, and puts these on the bottom of her stack.

Keep flipping until a player runs out of cards.