Pilatch Card Games

Remember Three

An educational game for ages 6 and up that helps teach spatial relationships, matching, and taking turns.

2 or 3 players can play.
Deck Build
Remove the Jokers to use a 42-card Pilatch deck.
To match more triples than your opponents.
Shuffle the deck. Deal out every card, face-down on the play area. Do not stack cards on top of each other. The youngest player goes first, and so on.

Each turn, the active player flips 3 cards face-up. If all 3 are the same rank, she collects them, then takes another turn. Otherwise, she flips those cards face-down again, and it's the next player's turn.

The game ends when all the cards have been collected. Each player then counts the number of triples she has collected.


To make the game more challenging, add a Joker or two to the deck. When a player flips a Joker face-up, her turn ends. She flips the revealed cards face-down again, but also has the option of putting the Joker somewhere else in the play area.