Pilatch Card Games
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Game Design

How Pilatch games are created, and why certain choices are made during the design process.

Rags 'n Riches

An article about breaking old rules, and a promotion five years overdue

a silly bear who thinks he's the king of Scissors

Elevating Uno

scissors suit icon as presented by colorblindness test dots

Pilatch needed a game to demonstrate its educational potential. It had to be easy yet exciting, and trick the player into learning arithmetic.

UnPub Mini, Part Four - Pixel Lincoln

Pixel Lincoln is a game with my kind of attitude. Just the title was enough to interest me, and I was attracted by its 16-bit artwork.

UnPub Mini, Part Three - Æther

Of the other designers' games at the May 19th UnPub mini, the first I got to play was named "Æther."

Origin Story

Back in the day, Pilatch was spawned from fiction, and the number three.