Pilatch Card Games


Unless you have a professional dealer to do the busy work, players are responsible for shuffling. It takes technique and practice.

Here is a good tutorial on how to shuffle cards.

Learn how to riffle shuffle. It does the best job without badly damaging your cards. Other styles are not as efficient, but should be used after riffle shuffling to prevent cheating in case a player saw the bottom card of the deck.

Random = Fair.

The sequence of cards in your deck should be a mystery. Riffle or weave shuffle at least seven times. Other methods take considerably longer to randomize the deck. See this concise explanation, or this sweeping mathematics thesis for you brainiacs out there.

Speaking of math, most of the research assumes a fifty-two card deck. Pilatch decks are smaller, and therefore have fewer permutations. So maybe you can get away with less shuffling? We here at Pilatch.com haven't done the calculations on that, so stick with at least seven riffle shuffles, and always cut the deck afterwards.